Former Los Angeles Lakers Strength Coach (Asst.) – Sean Light

This week’s interview, we sat down with former Los Angeles Lakers Strength Coach (Asst.), Sean Light.  Sean has worked with many different organizations over his tenure which included being the Los Angeles Lakers strength coach (asst.), strength coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and was a strength and conditioning intern for the New York Yankees.  In this interview, we asked three very common questions that many individuals have when it comes to health and fitness.  We wanted to look at the macro side of things in order to hopefully give out the best advice for the masses to be able to utilize.  We hope you enjoy our rapid fire, three-question interview with Sean Light.


Rapid Fire Questions for Former Los Angeles Lakers Strength Coach (Asst.), Sean Light:


Los Angeles Lakers Strength


1. What is the single best piece of exercise/fitness advice you could give someone?

“The single best exercise/fitness advice I could give someone is to be smart with what you do. There is SO MUCH garbage information out there. Exercise can have a really huge positive impact on your body but it can have just as huge of a negative impact if you don’t make sure what you are doing is quality work. Take the time to research the people you are getting your information from. Same goes with this message. Research me, make sure I am qualified to give you this information.”


2. If you had to give one piece of nutrition advice that you felt everyone could benefit from, what would it be?

“If you can’t kill it, catch it or grow it, don’t eat it. That’s the model I follow for nutrition. It was something that my college strength coach taught me and I never forgot it. It covers your entire diet in one sentence. There are not “what about this” questions, no “is this ok” questions. It’s cut and dry. If you can’t kill it, catch it or grow it, don’t eat it.”


3. What advice would you give to help people stay focused and motivated to achieve their health/fitness goals?

“For people looking for motivation on how to stay focused on their goals, the best advice I can give them is to think long term. Don’t do one set of planks and go right to the mirror to see if you abs yet. Realize that it’s going to take time. Also make sure that you EXPECT SETBACKS. Life happens, no program is perfect but if you are expecting setbacks it becomes part of the process and it becomes much easier to bounce back. If you think long term and are prepared for any setbacks you will find it much easier to stay the course.”


*BOLD text — questions from Matt Weik of Weik Fitness, LLC
*Text in quotes — responses from former Los Angeles Lakers strength coach (asst.), Sean Light


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