"I have had the pleasure of working with Matt the last several years.  He is extremely knowledgable in the world of health and fitness and a fantastic writer at that.  His positive nature makes him a great guy to be around with a determined work ethic, he is just beginning to scratch the surface of what he is ultimately capable of."

Nicole Wilkins -- IFBB Pro Figure Competitor, 4x IFBB Figure Olympia Champion, 3x IFBB Figure International Champion

"I've had the honor of working with Matt Weik over the last few years in collaboration with photo shoots, magazine articles, and supplement promotional events.  Matt brings an unmatched energy to the job and his experience level makes every job successful.  His knowledge in the bodybuilding and fitness world, combined with his passion and work ethic, takes every event to a new level."

Greg Plitt -- Actor/Model/Fitness Influencer

"Matt Weik has been a writer for Bodybuilding.com since 2005 and has been creating amazing content ever since.  His turnaround time on projects is amazing and is normally withing 24-48 hours.  Matt has been a great asset to the Bodybuilding.com community and his hardwork and pride in his work are noticed by everyone.  His knowledge of the health and fitness industry is apparrent in the content he writes.  He is very passionate about the industry and we are very proud to have him as part of our team.  Thank you for all you do for Bodybuilding.com!"

Ryan Deluca -- Former Founder/Owner/CEO of Bodybuilding.com

"Matt Weik is one of the best fitness writers in the fitness industry who has written many cover stories about me.  His knowledge about nutrition and training is immeasurable.  His articles have been featured in many magazines globally and have helped many people obtain their fitness goals."

Obi Obadike -- Fitness Expert, Television Host, International Cover Model, Author, and Celebrity Fitness Trainer

"I have watched Matt grow through the years in the sports nutrition industry and he has not only become a well respected authority on health and fitness, but one of the most respected salespeople in the entire industry.  He is an asset to any company and I would not hesitate to bring him onboard."

Marc Lobliner -- CEO of MTS Nutrition, CMO of TigerFitness.com

"Matt Weik is an exceptional interviewer and writer who brings a broad-scoped knowledge and effortless, cool style to his work."

Sebastian Siegel -- Filmmaker, Actor, Model

"During my 8 years with MET-Rx, I have come to know Matt as a co-worker and friend.  He has a vast knowledge with supplements and understands how they work in terms of getting information to the public.  A very creative writer, he has really grasped the concept of the fitness industry.  Matt is very easy to work with as he has the ability to get along with all types of personalities which is critical in this environment.  Matt's passion for MET-Rx shows in many articles and his love for working out still burns bright.  As a fellow weightlifter, Matt will always be one of the guys."

Marcus Haley -- IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

"Matt Weik is the Main Event when it comes to fitness professionals and people in the industry you can trust.  I have worked with Matt on radio and writing for our websites in the past.  However, I was a fan of his and customer of his before he was working closely with us on KMA Entertainment.  You talk fitness, Matt is the man as he has worked with people on getting their supplementation and nutrition goals figured out and getting you on the right path to success.  Matt knows his stuff and knows it better than anyone you're going to find online and off.  Matt is one of the great trainers in the business.  The info on his site and his various outlets from print to video are superb and well thought out.  Look no further than Matt Weik, THE fitness professional on every level."

James Lowe -- KMA Entertainment, KJAG Radio, Host of the Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show, Host/Producer of Jiggy Jag TV

"Matt Weik is one of the most talented writers around.  Through his talents, I have had National Exposure and making each article interesting and after reading it, leaving you wanting more.  Matt, I want to personally thank you for all you have done for me and this industry through your amazing writing talents."

Darrell Terrell -- NPC National Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer

"Matt Weik is currently one of the best writers on Health and Fitness topics in the world.  His amazing knowledge and lucid writing styles have a great impact on the lives of many.  His insistence on scientific approach with whatever topics he takes on makes him different from other writers.  I have gone through many of his articles, they are all deeply connected into our own daily lives.  If you haven't read his work yet, I'm sure you are missing some key features that make your health and surroundings much better."

Ahmad Kargar -- Founder and Managing Director of Physique Magazine

"Matt Weik is one of the hardest working people I know in the fitness industry.  I've shot for 2 magazines, and I found FitTreasures Magazine, and Matt is one of my writers.  He was not the first writer I brought on board, but he is longest tenured writer I currently have.  The reason is because he does better work than anyone else I can find, and he is more dependable than any other writer I've worked with.  His role is to communicate with various fitness industry personalities from the WBFF, NPC, and IFBB, and those that choose not to compete, but are professionals in the industry.  He must establish contact during his busy schedule, coordinate with their busy schedule, build trust and rapport, gather personal information, and construct it into a story that tells about their lives in a voice that they are proud to share with fans.  He has always impressed not only the fitness personalities he's worked with, but the readers, and myself.  I know Matt has many skills from personal training, fitness guru, businessman, and more.  I am just thankful I have access to him and he is willing to share his skills with FitTreasures Magazine."

Danny Fittro -- Publisher of FitTreasures Magazine

"Matt Weik deals with topics on heath and fitness, the area he is an expert, by all means.  His articles give the exact detail that anyone wants to know because they're essential for our wellbeing.  They're written in a clear and interesting style.  I'm glad to have been working with him and I learned a lot from his writings as have many others.  He is surely one of the best writers I know!"

Naseef Chanath -- Executive Editor of Physique Magazine

"Matt is one of the most enthusiastic and quality people around.  His connections and sales expertise is one of a kind.  He has proven success at major operations and will continue succeeding based on his passion for his work and commitment to excellence, which anyone would attest to."

Steve Milillo -- Glanbia Nutritionals Sales Manager

"Over the course of tweleve years as a supplement and sports nutrition buyer, I have worked with well over a hundred representatives in the Natural Products/Sports Nutrition industry.  Of all these representatives, I have found no one to be more motivated, knowledgable or personable than Matt Weik.  His unprecedented passion for health and fitness is evident in his vast knowledge of sports supplements and nutrition.  Matt is truly unique in that he knows not only the "how and why" but he can relay information and educate others.  Matt's proficient grasp on that which he represents is only rivaled by his innate kindness and character.  I can say with 100% confidence that Matt Weik is an invaluable asset on many levels to the Natural Products/Sports Nutrition industry."

Colleen Swabby -- Previous Manager of The Fitness & Nutrition Center in Columbus, OH

"Matt, I've spent the last few hours here reading all of your articles on the Bodybuilding.com website.  You have a very pleasant way of writing that really appeals to me.  All of your content is very targeted, but easy to understand."

Logan Sheehan -- Owner of FitOverFat.com

"Thanks for everything you've done for me.  You get ALL the credit when it comes to what I've done in fitness so far (with much more to come!).  If it wasn't for you, I never would have kept pushing myself.  Thanks for believing in me."

Kari Hoyda -- Attorney/Fitness Model

"I have read some of your articles on fitoverfat.com, bodybuilding.com, and cutandjacked.com.  It is clear you know your stuff and your articles are a pleasure to read!"

Scott Baptie -- Founder of FoodForFitness.co.uk

"You have a way with words, Matt... and through them you have made a positive impact on me!  Thank you!"

Teresa LaCour Davis -- Owner of Body By T

"Some professionals in this field stand out as honest ambassadors of business success, industry growth, personal development and insight for others to succeed.  Matt is one of those people offering his time, perspective and his story to help others work their way to success and happiness."

Josh Hockett -- Fitness Program Director for the USS Essex (Navy)