Philadelphia Flyers Strength Coach – Jim McCrossin

This week’s interview, we sat down with Philadelphia Flyers Strength Coach, Athletic Trainer, and Director of Sports Medicine, Jim McCrossin.  Jim has been with the Flyers for nearly 20 years now and is considered one of the best in the business.  In this interview, we asked three very common questions that many individuals have when it comes to health and fitness.  We wanted to look at the macro side of things in order to hopefully give out the best advice for the masses to be able to utilize.  We hope you enjoy our rapid fire, three-question interview with the man himself, Jim McCrossin.


Rapid Fire Questions for Philadelphia Flyers Strength Coach, Jim McCrossin:


Philadelphia Flyers Strength Coach Jim McCrossin


  1. What is the single best piece of exercise/fitness advice you could give someone?

    “Before starting any exercise program see your physician and do your homework on the fitness professional who will be working with you.”

  2. If you had to give one piece of nutrition advice that you felt everyone could benefit from, what would it be?

    “Keep yourself well hydrated always (water), don’t skip a meals.  I love the concept of grazing throughout the day with healthy snacks.”

  3. What advice would you give to help people stay focused and motivated to achieve their health/fitness goals?

    “Establish your goal and stay focused on obtaining that goal.  Seek assistance if needed, and once you achieve your goal, set new ones.”


*BOLD text — questions from Matt Weik of Weik Fitness, LLC

*ITALIC text — responses from Jim McCrossin