Sugar Injections to Help with Knee Pain? Sweet!

For those of you who have been active all of your life—maybe through sports and athletics growing up, to even those of us who continue to live that healthy and active lifestyle to this day through regular exercise—we tend to have some aches and pains that we deal with, sometimes on a daily basis. Some of these aches and pains can stop us in our tracks and be debilitating. Others are the nagging dull pains that never seem to go away that are more of an annoyance than anything.

A common area that many of us notice some pain or discomfort is in our knees. Let’s face it, they take a beating over the years carrying us around from point A to point B. Some of us might even be carrying around a little extra weight as well. So, it makes sense that our knees might be showing the years of wear and tear finally. What do we normally do to remedy the situation? Well, we either go get it checked out by the doctor to ensure there aren’t any tears to the ligaments as well as making sure we don’t have any bone on bone rubbing taking place or we take some over the counter medication to help with the pain and inflammation. If something is found is found by the doctor or specialist, what’s the next step?

For many people, we try to hide our pain through the use of pain killers or anti-inflammatory prescriptions or over the counter drugs. Sometimes, this simply isn’t enough to make an individual comfortable. While there are different natural therapies that can be used prior to getting to the point of surgery, there seems to be a new alternative that is raising some eyebrows, and maybe even blood sugar levels—and that is sugar injections. Sure, we have all heard of athletes getting lubricant type injections to manage pain or injuries in joints through the use of corticosteroids or hyaluronic acid, but sugar?

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