Business Development + Sales Consulting

business development

With more than a decade of experience in the fitness and supplement industries, Weik Fitness, LLC can help grow your business from the initial concept/product idea generation all the way through to the product launch and distribution.

business consultingWhether you are a start-up or an established business, successful growth comes from innovation, marketing, and putting together a solid go-to-market strategy -- all of which Weik Fitness, LLC can help you with.  Thinking outside the box with product development can be profitable if you're first to market -- but sometimes it takes a different point of view from outside your own company to truly get creative and come up with a winning product and strategy.

Weik Fitness, LLC has helped brands build products around industry trends as well as thinking towards the future through innovation.  In the quest to win, understanding your market and respective channels can make or break your business.  If you try to change lanes without having a solid plan in place, there's more risk involved than reward potentially.  Take the risk out of the equation and allow Weik Fitness, LLC to help you with your next big move.  Contact us for rates!

sales consulting + sports nutrition brokering

A good salesman is one that never has to sell a product or service -- they possess a set of skills that allow their prospect or customer to make the decision to purchase their goods or services on their own.  These skills are built by understanding the customer and their individual needs, and establishing a clear reason as to how a product or service can save them time, money, resources, and frustration.

Weik Fitness, LLC can help you open new doors or even help service existing consumers.  We can help you grow your business as a consultant and sports nutrition broker not only through simple sales techniques, but also through the relationships and books of business we have throughout the fitness and supplement industry from doing business with these exact accounts you are working with or looking to work with.  Lean on our years of experience to help take your sales to new heights.  Contact us for rates!

business consulting