Lose Weight and the Holes on Your Belt

People all over the globe are constantly in a battle with their health. Many health and fitness-minded individuals make time each day to exercise and eat right. Majority of these individual are also into showing off their physiques by wearing form-fitting clothing and staying current with fashion trends. Some people use apparel as a reward when they lose weight. As they lose weight they go out and buy new jeans or new shirts, or maybe even workout apparel to motivate them to keep pushing in the gym. But a common problem that almost everyone has is finding a belt to fit them correctly.

For those working hard to lose weight, there is a joy and satisfaction in tightening your belt to the next hole. However, it always seems like no matter what belt you wear, each hole you use is either too tight or too lose. Your weight can also change very quickly due to factors such as water retention or simply eating too much at one sitting. Just because your weight is going up or down doesn’t mean you need to feel uncomfortable.



The Only Belt You’ll Ever Need

Losing weight can be a challenge. However, looking sharp doesn’t. When you are on a mission to drop body fat, each hole in your belt that you go down is a victory. There’s a feeling of accomplishment each time you put the post into a new hole and watch the scale go down. But, have you ever changed to a new hole and almost felt like you were in no-man’s land? The fit simply isn’t right. It’s either a little too lose or it’s too tight. In my case, this is an everyday occurrence no matter what weight I’m at. Then I was introduced to Anson Belt.

For those of you who are working hard and dropping body fat, you’re going to love these belts. When I first found out about them, I was a little skeptical, but after buying some for myself I’m a fan. The Anson Belt works on a track system rather than using holes. What this allows you to do is micro-adjust to your liking by ¼” increments. If you wake up a little bloated from last night’s dinner, you can make the proper adjustments. If you lose weight and the belt is too big, you can make adjustments by pulling the end and tightening the belt. It truly allows your pants to fit correctly and for you to be comfortable all-day long.


lose weight

Progress Snip

Here’s something cool and rewarding that I wanted to share with you. I like these belts so much, that I’ve turned my training clients onto them. I know what you might be saying, “Matt, who cares about a belt?” Well, unless you are overweight or obese, you don’t understand what it feels like to lose weight and feel that sense of accomplishment. So, why the Anson Belt?



Each belt comes one size fits all. In order to get the correct fit, you need to cut the belt to size. Your initial cut basically gives you a baseline of where you are at the moment. As you lose weight, you not only have the ability to resize your belt thanks to the micro-adjustable track, but you can also cut off pieces of the belt to make it smaller as you drop inches around your waist. As you cut the belt to make it smaller, it further reinforces the fact that you’re losing weight. With each cut, it symbolizes that you’re cutting weight and body fat from your life. It’s a sense of accomplishment.

The first client I told about this thought I was nuts. Then he bought a belt for himself. After a few weeks, he came up to me and handed me a square piece of leather. At first, I didn’t understand what he gave me. Then it dawned on me. This was his trophy. This was his way of showcasing his hard work and weight loss. I looked up to see the biggest smile on his face. It was the reinforcement from continually cutting the belt that helped him stay on his weight loss journey. Some people take progress pics of their transformation. For my client, it was cutting his belt to make it smaller and keeping the little pieces he cut off.


lose weight


I’m not telling you this to try and sell you a belt, I have no affiliation with Anson Belt, I’m simply a customer. But, I want to reinforce the fact that something as simple as a belt can make you look and feel better as well as keep you motivated to reach your goals. Is this belt a product to help you lose weight? No, not directly. But it can certainly be used for positive reinforcement. Not only that, but who doesn’t want to feel comfortable all day long? For me, the belt has been great. And with my body type, while being in shape, I can fluctuate weight depending on what I eat. This belt allows me to adjust on the fly, and without making a scene where everyone sees you undoing your belt. With the press of a button, you can do it on the fly without being noticed.

I had the ability to build my own belt package to work with my personal style. Not only was I able to create my own style, but the Gift Box is the best bang for your buck as well. If you want to learn more about the brand, head over to AnsonBelt.com or if you want to see my personal review of the belt, you can find it here in our blog.