EVL LeanMode (Stimulant Free) Review

As many of you know, I’ve been in the supplement industry for over a decade.  I enjoy the industry, but I also hate the fact that there are many brands who are deceptive.  Lately, I’ve been buying products to test and evaluate — to see how I like the products and if I see any noticeable difference when using it.  This review in particular, is the EVL LeanMode.

In an effort to lean out a little, I decided to give this product a go.  The nice thing is, it fits my schedule perfectly.  I really wanted a product that I could use first thing in the morning to give me a little boost of energy, which this does, and it just so happens to have a long list of other benefits as well.  In addition, I like the fact that it is stimulant free, which allows me to use other products alongside this product if I wished — such as having a few cups of coffee before or after.


What can EVL LeanMode do?  Well, it supports:
  • fat burning
  • metabolism
  • antioxidant levels
  • body composition
  • energy levels
  • appetite suppression
How do you take EVL LeanMode?

EVL LeanMode is meant to be used in the morning before breakfast.  You are to mix one scoop with 10-12 ounces of water and consumer 30-60 minutes before breakfast.  The flavor I tried is Peach Tea.



What’s in EVL LeanMode?
  • CLA 1000mg
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine 1000mg
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 200mg
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract 200mg
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract 100mg

One container gives you 30 servings (a 1-month supply).  You can buy it all over the internet on sites such as Amazon.com and have it delivered right to your doorstep.


What are my thoughts of EVL LeanMode?

Flavor:  The peach tea flavor is really good.  I don’t have anything to compare it to since it’s a unique flavor for the supplement industry, but you can definitely taste peach tea when you drink it.  *EDIT:  I tried the Pink Lemonade flavor a few days after trying the Peach Tea to compare and the Pink Lemonade tastes amazing as well — you can’t go wrong with either flavor.

Mixability:  Mixes like a dream.  No clumps and no random grains of powder when you drink it.  I used a normal shaker bottle and it worked just fine.

Price:  I think the price is great.  Amazon.com has it for $17.99 and it will last you the whole months using it once a day (half a month if you decide to take a second dose before dinner).

Results:  While this product is stimulant-free, EVL LeanMode does help curb your appetite as well as lean out slightly.  It gives you a boost of energy as well which was nice.  Now, you’re not going to go from 50% body fat down to 8% using this product in a months time, but expect to see the scale move assuming you’re doing your part by exercising and consuming a balanced diet.