Philadelphia Eagles Performance Nutrition Coordinator – Michael Minnis

This week’s interview, we sat down with Philadelphia Eagles Performance Nutrition Coordinator, Michael Minnis.  In this interview, we asked three very common questions that many individuals have when it comes to health and fitness.  We wanted to look at the macro side of things in order to hopefully give out the best advice for the masses to be able to utilize.  We hope you enjoy our rapid fire, three-question interview!



Rapid Fire Questions for Philadelphia Eagles Performance Nutrition Coordinator, Michael Minnis:



Philadelphia Eagles Performance Nutrition
Philadelphia Eagles staff and coaching portraits at the NovaCare Complex on April 27, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles)


 1. What is the single best piece of exercise/fitness advice you could give someone?

“Be consistent. Don’t put the cart before the horse when it comes to exercise. Before worrying about programming, such as how many sets/reps you should do, which exercises to do, how much cardio to do, what types of cardio are best, be realistic with yourself and determine if you will be able to simply make the time for ANYTHING. And not only making time, but making time over and over again. The best program in the world will fail if there is not a level of consistency. Similar to nutrition, you should try to find an exercise program that fits your lifestyle and is something that is sustainable. Ask yourself – do you see yourself doing this program one year from now? If not, find an alternative.”


2. If you had to give one piece of nutrition advice that you felt everyone could benefit from, what would it be?

“Eat enough protein. Besides individuals that have clinical reasons to decrease protein (i.e. kidney failure), the majority of healthy people would benefit from eating enough protein every day. Even if you are not trying to put on muscle mass, eating enough protein per day will assist in maintaining the muscle mass that you do have. Maintaining muscle mass is very important, especially as we age, as muscle mass affects your metabolic rate, strength, balance, coordination, and overall metabolic health. Protein can also assist in weight loss efforts, as protein has a satiating effect and a slight thermogenic effect. Therefore, you feel full, longer, and you actually get a slight “bonus” calorie burn from digesting protein. Aim for 1g/lb. of protein per day. Split this over 4-5 meals per day, and the majority of time, aim for quality sources such as whey, chicken, beef, turkey, fish, dairy, and eggs.”


3. What advice would you give to help people stay focused and motivated to achieve their health/fitness goals?

“Set SMART goals. First, you need to ask yourself what your primary goal is. What is your reason to begin and maintain an exercise plan and/or healthy eating plan? Is it to build muscle? Get stronger? Lose weight? Improve health biomarkers (i.e. decrease cholesterol)? Once you have the primary goal, try to set a SMART goal. These goals should be:

S: Specific
Is your goal clearly stated? What do you want to accomplish? Is it to lose 10 pounds? Is it to put 50 pounds on your squat? Is it to improve your blood pressure from 140 mm Hg to 110 mm Hg?
M: Measurable
How Much? How Many? How will you know when you’ve reached it?
A: Attainable
This is where you have to be really honest with yourself. No one knows you better than you. The goal should be a challenge, but it has to be something that you can actually do. Consider the constraints/barriers to the goal.
R: Relevant
Make sure this goal matters to YOU. Do you have complete power of the goal? Your goal shouldn’t be determined by anyone else but you. Is it the right time in your life to set and reach this goal?
T: Timely
There needs to be a target date. When do you want to reach this goal? Be very specific.”


Below is Philadelphia Eagles Performance Nutrition Coordinator, Michael Minnis’ social platforms:

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*BOLD text — questions from Matt Weik of Weik Fitness, LLC
*Text in quotes — responses from Philadelphia Eagles Performance Nutrition Coordination, Michael Minnis


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