Gym Style – What’s Your Favorite Line of Apparel?

Everyone wants to be fashionable and have their own gym style. Sometimes people create their own style instead of following trends—and that’s perfectly fine.  Days of the old man sweatpants and beat up t-shirt are gone.  We are in an era where fitness meets fashion.  With brands popping up all over, it’s tough to decide who you want to support.  Do you go with the tried and true, or do you go with a smaller up and coming brand to suit your apparel needs?

Let’s face it, when you go to a gym in your area it’s common to see women walking around as if they were heading out for a night on the town. They have their makeup done, their hair looks perfect, nails are on point—it makes you wonder if they are actually working out considering they look so good.  Guys, you’re no different!  Many of you are wearing the apparel we are about to talk about, you spray on some of your favorite cologne, lace up those fly new kicks – you’re dressed to impress while getting your swole on.

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