Best Carbohydrate Management Supplements

When it comes to weight loss, many people make a go-to strategy of cutting or eliminating carbohydrates an attempt to cut body fat.  And many people fail because, well, cutting carbs completely is hard.  Cutting weight is always going to start with a healthy diet and avoiding excess calories but if the scale seems stuck or you need one last push, some turn to carb blockers or carbohydrate management supplements as an option.

Carb blockers are an over-the-counter supplement designed to stop the release of enzymes that break down the carbohydrate.  When the carb isn’t broken down and absorbed by the body. Instead, it is able to pass directly through to the large intestine,  providing no nutritional or caloric value as it’s being eliminated by the body.  The claim  is that you can eat as many carbohydrates as you want without any of the negative excessive caloric effects.  Simply utilize a carbohydrate management supplement and eat whatever you want without any regret.  Unfortunately, the research behind it is a little shaky.

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