Will 2018 Be Any Different for Cedric McMillan?

I’m a Cedric McMillan fanboy through and through. However, following his Arnold Classic win, I was completely disappointed with the package he brought to the Olympia stage. Not only did he barely squeeze into the top 10, but the guys he got beat by could quite frankly end Cedric’s chances of winning any shows in 2018.

Guys like Josh Lenartowicz, Brandon Curry, and Nathan DeAsha all came into the Olympia ready to do battle. Meanwhile, it seemed like Cedric missed the memo that the Olympia was coming up and he’d need to start prepping. Cedric was extremely confident and begged and pleaded in interviews to put him in the first callout and to let him stand next to the best in the world, but honestly, based on the way he looked he didn’t deserve to be anywhere close to those guys.

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