What’s the Next Innovation in the Protein Market?

Without a doubt, the protein market is over saturated with competition. Not only that, but the costs for raw materials don’t look like they will be dropping anytime soon for the protein market itself. In an attempt to keep protein prices down, many manufacturers are moving towards plant-based protein options. This isn’t anything new, as I’ve been reporting on this for the past year, but now there seems to be some new innovation in the works utilizing plant-based protein—more specifically, frozen desserts.

When I think of things like pea protein, I’m already not enthused to swap out my whey protein for the alternative, yet many others are. One researcher mentioned, “Plant-based protein alternatives are no longer niche products, but rather something that is going mainstream and something that companies are getting on board with.” I guess that means if we aren’t testing the waters with something new, us whey lovers might turn into the protein minority.

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