Physiclo Resistance Bands in Leggings? Would You Buy Them?

Ladies, it seems like the craze these days is leggings.  Everyone is wearing them to exercise in, as well as rock the athleisure vibe.  But, what if you had resistance bands INSIDE your leggings every time you put them on?  Would you buy them?  Would you wear them?  A brand called Physiclo has launched a line of leggings for both women and men that include a technology we’ve never seen before — and it’s actually quite interesting.  Average price per item is around $100 for products under the Physiclo brand.



Each pair of leggings, shorts, tights, or capris includes the integration of resistance bands in the fabric.  Their thinking is that if you wear them throughout the day, and through normal everyday movements, it will provide you with a resistance workout without ever needing to go to the gym or make time to exercise.  The question is, will people buy them and how effective are they in helping consumers reach their health and fitness goals?  According to the manufacturer, everyone from women looking to get in better shape all the way up to professional athletes are using them (even men).


Is this new technology something you would buy and wear?  Let us know!