The Quiet Life of a Fitness Writer

The life of a fitness writer is primarily one that is behind the scenes. Many times, the man or woman authoring a piece going unknown or unnoticed. When you read an article online or in a magazine, do you look at who wrote it or do you simply look at the title and the body of the content? Many have no idea who wrote the article. When you watch a movie, do you remember who wrote the script or do you remember the actors in the movie who acted out what they wrote? When you listen to the song on the radio, do you know who wrote the lyrics or do you only remember the artist or band? You grab a book or buy an e-book online.  Did you buy it due to the author or the title/cover? While the life of a writer is very quiet and without notice, it’s the life and career they chose. But it was this thinking made me wonder if people see that side of story.

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