Nootropics: A Legit Concern or Big Pharma Outcry?

The supplement industry is constantly growing and adding new categories as each year passes. A product I feel is still ahead of its time in the industry are nootropics. Sure you can feel them, but they aren’t an “energy pill” so to speak. At least not in the sense of the word you’re used to hearing. Rather, they are considered a “smart drug”. These cognitive enhancers are the craze for those individuals who aren’t fans of pre-workouts loaded with caffeine and other ingredients that can cause jitters or an itchy feeling due to a niacin or beta alanine flush. Others are using the product as a “mental booster” for a work or when they need mental clarity. The question comes up though, should these types of products be regulated or allow anyone to buy them over the counter without a prescription for medical use?

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