Is LuLaRoe the Next Fitness Industry Dud?

When you exercise, you want something that is not only fashionable, durable, and moisture-wicking, but comfortable, right? You have so many different brands out there these days that are selling workout apparel that it can leave your head spinning. And fashion at the gym isn’t just for the ladies anymore, men are entering the market as well. The days of the beat-up sweats and pit-stained shirts are being traded in for tight fitting joggers, compression pants, and brand-name fitted tops. We see new brands entering the space almost regularly, but it doesn’t seem like anyone has taken off like LuLaRoe has. But, it appears women across the US are not at all thrilled with their leggings experience. In fact, LuLaRoe has quite the lawsuit on their hands. What started as a booming business for the then-single mother of seven kids, has now turned into an all-out attack to destroy her business.

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