The Man Behind the Brand: 

Matt Weik


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Education:  Penn State University

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
  • Minor in Business


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist

The Evolution of a Man on a Mission.

Matt Weik graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Business back in 2005 but has been on a mission to make America healthy way before that.

Matt has been active in the fitness industry and changing lives since 2002.  He was a strength and conditioning coach at a high school as well as a personal trainer and service director for a chain of 3 gyms.  Matt was also a DJ working for a well-known radio station associated with CBS.  His real passion, however, is writing.   Matt is an avid writer with hundreds of articles floating around on the internet and in magazines about health, fitness, nutrition, supplementation, business, and entrepreneurship.  His work has motivated and changed lives across the globe.

A Stepping Stone.

It wasn't until 2007 that he decided to leave the gym atmosphere and get into the supplement industry where he held two positions within MET-Rx (a division of NBTY).  Matt was most recently the Manager of the MET-Rx Team Sports division.  He managed the entire United States himself in which he worked with Jr High Schools, High Schools, Colleges, and Professional athletic teams and players.  Prior to that position within MET-Rx, Matt was the Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager for MET-Rx/Pure Protein/Balance Bar where he oversaw sales and distribution in PA/NJ/DE/MD/VA/WV/OH/NC/SC.

The Time is Now to Make a Difference and Bring Value.

After nearly a decade working with MET-Rx as well as writing and training on the side, Matt decided to take his passions and skills and put them towards starting and growing his own business -- Weik Fitness, LLC.  He not only works with clients one-on-one, but through his content and copywriting he is able to help hundreds to thousands of people every single day and bring value to their lives.

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