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Free Fitness Program?

How can we change our obesity epidemic if people don’t want to make that change for themselves?  People are getting sick and dying every day because of their poor lifestyle habits.  Habits that can easily be change to healthy ones if the individual so chooses.  If people would make an effort, and make their health a priority, they could live a healthier life with longevity.  No one want to feel helpless in their own body.  Would a free fitness program be the answer?  The Brazilian government actually implemented such a strategy and have had some success.  What if we were to try something similar here in the states?  Will people continue to use the excuse that they don’t have time or would they find the time if they knew the program was free?  Also, find out what community wellness program I created and how it changed lives through education.  You definitely don’t want to miss this new episode!

In this episode I ask the question, “Would a free fitness program help the United States?”  Please let me know by using the contact us page or by going to the Weik Fitness Facebook page and making a comment.  Also, let us know what content you’d love to hear next.  Your opinion will help us provide you with the content you want, when you want it.  Thanks!  And please don’t forget to like our business page on Facebook!

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weik fitness podcast