Want to Stay Fit? Then Skip Getting Married!

I can see the heads rolling just from the title alone. But hear me out. For those of you who are married, you might find this article to be completely truthful. For those of you who aren’t married, it might be an eye-opener. Either way, the facts don’t lie—and neither does all the pictures years after marriage of couples steadily gaining weight, adding to the over-weight and obesity epidemic we have in America. I will say, though, this article is not everyone (I don’t want to paint that picture). There are plenty of married couples out there who exercise regularly, whether together or at different times of the day. I like to think that a couple that exercises together, stays together. But, I’ve also found that to not be the case. But for the sake of this article, skip getting married if you want to stay fit.

A study was published in Obesity that said when compared to single individuals, those who have been married for over two years are more likely to gain weight. Married women in their 20’s have been found to put on around 24 pounds within the first five years of tying the knot. Men in their 20’s have been shown to put on around 30 pounds in the same timeframe. Oddly enough, when they looked at data between married couples and couples who aren’t married yet living together, they found that the couple who was only living together didn’t put on weight like their married counterparts. If I were a betting man, I’m sure it has to do with there’s no ring on their finger so they still want to stay fit to impress their lovely lady or beefcake.

As the saying goes, “The honeymoon’s over!” It seems like the stopwatch starts as soon as a married couple gets back from their honeymoon to see how quickly one or both of them starts putting on weight. This article showcases just a few reasons as to why the weight gain might occur.

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