VPX BANG Black Cherry Vanilla Review – Worth Buying?

I’m a sucker for convenience.  And VPX BANG Black Cherry Vanilla didn’t disappoint in that department.  VPX calls this RTD beverage potent brain and body fuel.  It contains creatine, caffeine, BCAAs, and CoQ10.  Honestly, it’s a cool formula.  Is it something I would purchase all the time?  No.  But, is it something I would change things up with and introduce it into regimen to keep things fresh?  Sure.  vpx bang black cherry vanillaI have been a fan of the VPX Redline RTDs ever since they came out with them several moons ago.  I always enjoyed their flavors and their formula always gave me a kick in the pants and got me energized.  The VPX BANG Black Cherry Vanilla did just that.  It contains 300mg of caffeine (per can) and definitely woke me up and got me ready for my workout.

The fact that each can contains zero calories is a huge selling point in my opinion on top of the already solid profile.  On top of zero calories, there’s no sugar, no carbohydrates, and obviously no fat.  In addition, it contains no artificial colors which I personally love.  I don’t see the need for brands to be adding all of these colors to their beverages — but, that’s just my personal preference.


I already touched on the profile above, but I liked the ingredients and profile.  I don’t want something full of sugar and carbohydrates, I can get them through real foods if I really wanted them — I don’t need them in my RTD beverages.


VPX nailed the taste on their VPX BANG Black Cherry Vanilla.  I liked that the RTD was carbonated and you can really pick up on the flavors.  The drink went down easy to say the least (and it’s a 16 fl oz can).


While I can’t say the creatine did much (and it doesn’t say how much is in the drink so it could very well be fairy dusted — same thing with the BCAAs, and CoQ10), I can say it certainly gave me enough energy to get through my workout.  I was able to increase the weight a little as well as get a few more reps out of some of my sets.  I seemed to have a better mind-muscle connection as well.  I’m not sure if it was due to the VPX BANG Black Cherry Vanilla RTD or if I was just in the zone while working out — but, I’m definitely not going to complain either way.


Would I purchase this drink again or recommend someone try it?  Yes.  Is it worth the price tag (pricing varies depending on retailer/online store)?  As an everyday product, no.  As a fill in or as something to change it up is where I see the VPX BANG Black Cherry Vanilla shine.  The taste was good enough to make me want to drink one every day though.  If you’re looking for something new to try, I’d definitely give this a go.  A word of caution, if you are sensitive to stimulants, this IS NOT going to be the drink for you.  At 300mg of caffeine, you’re gonna feel it!