Ladies: Can Transdermal’s Save Your Butt?

Every time I think of transdermal lotions all I can picture in my head are those awful commercials on television showing photoshopped before and after photos with the commercial ending with, “but wait, there’s more!” Then they tell you you’ll get two for the price of one, just pay separate shipping and handling. You know the song and dance. But seriously, no one ever got results from that stuff. It was basically a glorified skin lotion. Then when you ask why you haven’t got any results from the product they tell you the results may vary and that your nutrition and exercise program have a lot to do with it. I could have just saved you the money and told you that through diet and exercise you’ll get some results without the transdermal product. As you can tell, I don’t put much faith in transdermals. Well, my perception of transdermals may have just changed since I’ve read studies about a new technology called, DermaCore.

How to use transdermals

Before application of the product, make sure that you clean the area you are going to apply to and make sure it is dry. Then, in order to apply the transdermal product to trouble areas on your body, all you literally need to do is rub it into the skin thoroughly.

Many women prefer to use transdermal products on their butt, thighs, and legs. All you need to do is simply put a generous amount onto the area you want to target (such as hips, glutes, or thighs), and rub it into the skin until you no longer see it. It’s literally that simple.

How is DermaCore technology different?

DermaCore is a European formula that contains a plant extract to down regulate adipocytes—fat cells that make up adipose tissue. This transdermal technology only targets fat cells so it does not have any interactions with other cells in the body like some other products have been shown to do. DermaCore allows the body to burn fat through lipolysis and minimizes fat storage.

Many brands out on the market (today and in the past) never had such a technology and for that reason majority of them failed to show results. The only thing that ends up happening is your bank account total gets smaller by the month. Other brands have also left users with skin irritation throughout the day which was very uncomfortable. From the studies seen, this hasn’t been the case with DermaCore.

As many of you know, if you have used transdermals in the past, you would need to use the product for a very long time just to see any noticeable differences in the application areas. That’s due to many of the products causing an interaction with other cells that lowered the absorption rate to the fat cells you want to target to around 9%. While that percentage is better than nothing, it’s still not very efficient. DermaCore technology on the other hand has been shown to have an absorption rate of 92%, making it much more efficient than many of the products on the market these days as well as the products in the past that have been phased out and discontinued.

What’s the research showing?

Researchers conducted a study where they focused on women between the ages of 35 and 70. DermaCore has been shown in as little as 2 months using 2 applications each day to minimize, reduce, and in some cases, eliminate cellulite. Studies have shown a reduction of cellulite by as much as 63%. The technology has also reduced thigh perimeter up to 3.1cm, reduced skin roughness by up to 14.9%, improved the appearance of skin for 95% of the subjects and left the skin soft and moisturized for 100% of the subjects in under 2 months’ time. It was also noted that there was a reduction in swelling where DermaCore was applied, a reduction in localized fat, and the skin where applied was noticeable firmer.

My take and conclusion

The results of the study are pretty fascinating to me considering almost everything I’ve seen in the past has shown no results or little at best. That said, the findings of the study above show some extremely promising results for those who are looking to reduce cellulite, smooth out rough skin, and tighten the skin in problem areas. There aren’t many transdermal products on the market that include DermaCore or that can give similar results from my research. I searched for different products that contains this technology and everything seemed to point back to one product that has had some amazing reviews. You can check it out for yourself by clicking here to see if it’s something you’d like to try for yourself.