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The Cut

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The below is an interview Matt Weik did with Obi Obadike regarding his new book The Cut including actor, Morris Chestnut.


Obi, you and Morris Chestnut are no strangers to your respective industries. How did both you and Morris come together on this book deal?

The idea came about after Morris was doing the press tour for the Best Man Holiday in Nov 2013. And while he was doing the tour everybody was talking about his transformed ripped body in the film. He credited me as the person that helped him get in that type of shape.

So we were both bombarded with lots of emails about the diet and exercise program he was on and what he did. The light bulb turned on in my head and his head and we felt we had something here. I went to Morris and said I think we should do a book about how to get in shape in 12 weeks. And the idea of the book was that it would be a 12 week transformation book similar to the amount of time it took Morris to get back in shape again.

What was the goal of coming out with this book and who does the book cater to?

The goal of The Cut was to connect with the average every-day person who is out of shape whether you are overweight or obese. And to help them get their old body back. We feel the only way to really connect with the average person was to do a focus group of people that were either overweight and obese and help them lose weight over a 12 week period or longer.

You had a lot of amazing transformations in this book. Is there one in particular that really sticks out to you and why?

There were many amazing male and female transformations in The Cut but the transformation that was mind boggling to me was Mike Hopper. Mike Hopper lost 115 pounds in one year and he was really obese and over a 12 month period he from went obese to being fit. His transformation was stunning and was a national sensation. His transformation was so amazing that the producers of Steve Harvey flew him to the show to be a guest on the along with another successful female transformation named, Tiaja Piere.

How is this book different than all the other diet and exercise books on the shelves these days?

What is different about The Cut is that the diet portion is not ultra-restrictive in terms of what you can’t eat. Most diet books they have you on some silly zero to super low carbs diet or 800 calories a day which is dangerous from a health perspective and not sustainable. Our program allows you to eat carbs, fats and proteins with just about every meal while indulging a cheat meal or two on the weekends.
And the exercise program is formatted for all experience levels of the fitness enthusiast.

As we have beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for gym and home exercise plans. So there is a not one plan fits all in The Cut because we understand you can’t give the same plan to everybody. Our objective with The Cut was to have a diet and exercise program where everybody can follow it regardless of age or body-type.

Can you give us a little teaser into one of the concepts we can find in the book?

We have a chapter where we are debunking the biggest myths in exercise and nutrition and some of those questions are below.

Will eating late after 7pm lead to extra weight gain?

Are fat burners the best the way to lose weight?

Where can people find, and purchase your book?

The Cut can be found on Amazon, independent bookstores, Barnes & Noble,, etc. The book will be officially be on sale on April 18, 2017.

You put in a ton of work getting this book deal. Is there anyone you would like to thank who helped make this possible?

You are only as good as the team that supports you so definitely have to thank the man upstairs, our book publisher, our literary agent, Morris’s management team and of course Morris Chestnut. His celebrity name is really what helped to get this mainstream national attention. So I want to thank him for agreeing to work with me on this project. He is a great friend and great co-author and I am blessed to be associated with this amazing person.