Sauna Suits: When Will the Derp End?

I would like to take a moment to thank Kim Kardashian for yet another idiotic piece of news, and for sparking this article. I was reading some health news the other night when I stumbled upon an article about Kim Kardashian and how she wants to lose more baby weight. The article talks about how she and her sister Khloé use sauna suits to lose weight. I think if you combined the two of them, they might share one working brain cell. Are you kidding me? Sauna suits? What are we, sweating to the oldies?

I thought we killed this dangerous sweat soaked fad a long time ago. Now we have “celebrities” saying they are using them to drop body weight. We’ll get to how dumb they actually sound saying this in just a moment. But honestly, these celebrities are working with some big-name trainers which makes me question how bright the Los Angeles and Hollywood trainers are if they are allowing their clients to use sauna suits. So, let’s dive right into this disgusting sweat pool of a topic.

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