Where Are the Rivalries in Bodybuilding These Days?

Is it just me or are IFBB bodybuilding competitions starting to get stale? There are no rivalries anymore to get us excited to see individuals go head-to-head on stage. I remember when I first got into the bodybuilding scene, you had Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman constantly battling it out with Ronnie always coming off victorious until the very end when he was dethroned on the Olympia stage. Even though everyone expected Ronnie to win every show he was in, there was still that excitement where we all wanted to see if Jay could bring his best package and take down the king.  Those were the days of rivalries in bodybuilding.

Once Ronnie retired, Jay took over the industry and in my opinion, was one of the best ambassadors for the sport. Then came along a hungry Phil Heath who continued to do battle with Jay just like he did with Ronnie in previous years. And in similar fashion, Jay came into the Olympia a little off which opened the door for Phil Heath to take the crown. Then in the following years, the battles began between Phil and Kai Greene until Kai walked away from the stage for some unknown reason.

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