Not Even a Soda Tax Can Stop Us!

I live in Pennsylvania, and not too far from Philadelphia who put a soda tax in place. While I appreciate what they are trying to do, it’s not going to change anything other than the fact that prices are going to change for consumers. The reasoning behind this tax is to deter individuals from consuming beverages that contain sugar. Well, wishful thinking. Unfortunately, the tax hasn’t really seemed to stop people, in fact, it’s made them more ticked off that they are paying more for their beverages—and when I say “beverages” I mean more than just soda. Other than that, no one really cares that Philadelphia is trying to make you healthier. Consumers see it as a way for the city to make more money off of the people and put that money back into politician’s pockets.

As some of you may have read in an old article I wrote, the Philadelphia Soda Tax didn’t just affect soda, it also affected ALL beverages that contain any amount of sugar such as prepackaged coffee and tea, sports drinks, juices, and the like. While this tax is affecting Philadelphia primarily, the rest of the US is going on with business as usual without a prediabetic care in the world. In fact, findings are showing that the sugar-filled beverages that Americans drink alone is surpassing their individual sugar intake for the day—that’s not taking into equation the actual food they are eating throughout the day.

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