Life Expectancy: Will We Start to See a Decline and Why?

Life expectancy is one of those morbid topics that not many people want to think or talk about. Maybe I just have a twisted thought process which makes me wonder ultimately at what age it’s going to be my turn to leave this earth? With modern medicine and technology these days, you would think people would be living well into their 100’s, but that isn’t the case. Why is that? This article I’m going to discuss some of my thoughts on life expectancy and what factors come into play.

I’m going to start off this article with a disclaimer. The contents in this article are my thoughts and opinions, some will agree while others will not. Some of the things mentioned in the article WILL BE controversial, but I want people to look at the big picture and if certain things that are supposed to help us are actually what in the long run could send us to an early grave.

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