Is It “Fitness” If You Use Oil/Drugs?

How many of us have been in a gym and see a guy with unusually large arms? I’m talking about arms that don’t match the rest of his body. I’ll raise my hand. Now how many of you lift heavier weights than the guy with the huge arms? I’ll raise my hand again. What gives? This jacked dude is lifting weights lighter than what my wife uses yet he has the arms of an Adonis. These days you have to wonder what people are using to attain a certain physique and look. The example of the guy with the huge arms, it could be a case of spot shooting an oil such as synthol into his biceps and/or triceps to make them bigger. Now mind you, it’s the oil making the muscle appear larger, the muscle itself hasn’t grown in the sense of new muscle growth. So the question becomes, is that considered “fitness”?

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