If You’re FAT, You Can’t Eat Here

It’s a special occasion and you make dinner reservations with your spouse or significant other. You get all dressed up for the occasion and want to look your best. For some people, dressing up includes trying to hide your “dunlap”. That portion where your stomach dun-laps over your belt. Don’t believe that’s a word? Look it up in the Urban Dictionary. But seriously, many people are self-conscious about their appearance and weight. We all get it. All of us at some point in our lives had that moment where you looked in the mirror and wished you had a genie present to quick make some changes to your physique. But what if you went to the restaurant and you didn’t have to worry about your belly hanging over your belt because no one was wearing any pants? As a matter of fact, everyone is totally nude. What!? Do they have to put up signs for those people who are allergic to “nuts”? (if you catch my drift)

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