Fitness Certifications: A Closer Look

I have a feeling this article may ruffle some feathers, but the facts are the facts. I’ve been a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, and sports nutritionist for many years. Guess how many of my clients have asked me who I’m certified through?  The answer is zero.  I will say, however, that many people have asked for my credentials.  They wanted to know if I have a degree in the field (which most don’t—and I in fact do) and if I’m certified.  That was the extent of it.  No one even asked for proof that I’m indeed certified or in good standing with my instructor certifications.  So, I’m a little jaded when people ask me, “what fitness certification should I get?”  I’m not even sure there’s a right or wrong answer, honestly.  There are so many fitness certifications out there today.

This brings up another question as to whether you should even be certified? While automatically I say yes, I often wonder if that piece of paper and the letters after your name are really worth anything these days? And I’ll be totally honest, I’ll put my four-year kinesiology degree up against any certification out there—I don’t care whose it is.  These certifications can’t hold a candle to what is covered in a four-year degree in kinesiology.

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