What Should We Expect to See from Big Ramy This Year?

Big Ramy, simply put, is a big mofo. Sitting around 350 in the off-season and looking massive. However, it seems like we never know which Ramy we’ll see when it comes show time. For the longest time, Ramy would come into a show as the biggest competitor out there. He dwarfed many competitors. It’s his conditioning though, that many people never know what to expect.

In 2016, it was my opinion that we saw the best Big Ramy to date. He still had the size (maybe a little less muscle), but he was working with Chris Aceto who helped him bring his all-time best conditioning to the stage. Chris seemed to have Ramy’s number and fine-tuned things until he was diced. Then all of a sudden out of the blue, Ramy dropped Aceto like a hot potato.

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