Exercise to Mitigate Side Effects of AI’s in Breast Cancer Survivors

If you are a bodybuilder or are heavily into using supplements to achieve a desired physique, there’s a good chance at one point or another you have used aromatase inhibitors (AI’s). You could have used them as a standalone product or as part of post-cycle therapy (PCT). Aromatase inhibitors are used to keep estrogen levels in check. Many men will use them as part of their PCT in order to keep their estrogen from skyrocketing after they are done using a steroid/hormone cycle. The AI will block aromatase—a fat enzyme—which can cause other hormones in the body to convert to estrogen. In males, too much estrogen in the body will cause some men to get gynecomastia (gyno or man boobs) through the creation of male breast tissue. For this reason, many men prefer to use an AI to try to prevent gyno from forming.
Using an aromatase inhibitor does not come without the risk of side effects, though. In fact, breast cancer survivors who are using AI’s as part of their treatment to prevent it from coming back are finding out the side effects first hand. Two common side effects due to aromatase inhibitors are joint pain and bone loss. For that reason, research is showing that many breast cancer survivors stop the treatment well before they should.

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