Don’t Ignore Knee Pain — Things Might Not Get Better

If you happen to notice some pain in your knee, ignoring it may be a bad idea because it could be just a symptom of something else. There are several different things that can cause knee pain — some minor and small things that are easily fixed, and some very severe issues that will need treatment and possibly surgery. One thing you can be almost certain of though is, that if you do have pain and you ignore it for too long whatever the cause is will most likely get worse. So it will always be a better idea to have it looked at by your doctor or physical therapist.  Don’t ignore knee pain!


What if Your Doctor Finds Something?

The idea of having a problem with one or both of your knees can be a scary one. That being said, you should still have them looked at because letting a knee injury go untreated can make it much worse or even turn a minor issue into a major problem.

That particular joint is complex, it has multiple ligaments that connect the bones of the joint together and tendons that help to help it function correctly. There are also two pieces of cartilage in each of your knees, these are known as your meniscus and they help to add some cushioning to your knees.

With all of the different parts of the joint itself, there are a tremendous amount of ways to injure either of your knees and numerous types of injuries as well. You may have a small tear in a ligament, joint, tendon, or piece of cartilage for example or you might have hyperextended (overstretched) one of these. These are just a few types of injuries you could experience.


Common Symptoms

There are a few symptoms that are pretty common among most injuries. One of the more common being the pain, sometimes dull and other times it can be sharp or shooting. The type of pain you experience is usually related to the type of knee injury you have and what part of the joint has been hurt. You may notice some irritation on or around your knee as well as some swelling. With some of the more severe cases you could even find your knee lock in place, if this happens you should see a doctor as soon as you can.

The way that your knee was hurt can often determine what part or parts of your joint was damaged. For instance, in a case where your lower leg gets twisted in the opposite direction of your upper leg and the rest of your body cannot compensate the cartilage or meniscus inside your knee can get torn. While in cases where your leg gets stretched too far in one direction, a hyperextension can occur in any of the ligaments or tendons of your knee.

In the more intense injuries to the knee surgery might be the only option, but this is usually only in the most severe cases where the damage to the joint is catastrophic.

This level of injury often occurs in a traumatic event such as a car accident or contact sports, but not always. It can happen in your normal daily life as the result as something as simple as a fall.  


Give Yourself A Speedy Recovery

So if you have seen your doctor and confirmed that you have damage to your knee, you will probably want to get back to normal as quickly as possible. One thing that can help you with this is finding the best brace for knee injury and wearing it as directed by your doctor. These braces can help to reduce inflammation and pain while also helping to promote better blood flow to the damaged area. You may want to use ice packs whenever possible which will also help to alleviate some pain and swelling. Last but definitely not least is to rest. Give yourself time to relax and allow your body to heal itself properly, if you do not let yourself recover completely you may find yourself at a higher risk of injury or re-injury.