Coke Zero Set to Be Discontinued?

Me, I’m a Coke Zero fan boy.  I don’t drink it a lot, but if I’m out somewhere and they have it, I’ll get it as a treat.  Or if I want something different other than water or green tea, I’ll grab a can of Coke Zero.  Regular Coke (while unhealthy) was always too sweet for me and diet soda had a weird artificial taste to it that I could never enjoy.  When Coke Zero launched I liked the fact that it was sweet but not overpowering, yet still had that Coke taste to it.  Coke Zero became the only “soft drink” that I consume — I was never a fan of Pepsi products .  I love the fact that it’s zero calorie, zero sugar, pretty much zero everything.  Is Coke Zero healthy?  No.  But when consumed in moderation won’t do you any harm.  Now, if you’re drinking a two-liter bottle or more a day, I’d say there could be some negative consequences of doing so.  But, when consumed occasionally for something different is fine.

When I first started reading the headline about Coke Zero I was floored.  Coke came out to say they are changing their sugar-free version of Coke — Coke Zero.  While it’s not totally going away, they are changing the name to Coca-Cola No Sugar or in some markets Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.  I’ll be honest, I don’t understand the positioning.  Do they want to entice people to drink it because it will say “no sugar” on it or “zero sugar” on the can?  They did enough marketing behind Coke Zero that the positioning in the market should already be understood.  So, where does that leave their other drinks like Sprite Zero?




From what I’m reading, they are saying that this name change is to ensure confidence that the new Coke Zero tastes just like the real thing (which it already did).  It appears that the brand feels there’s too much of a separation between regular Coke and Coke Zero.  Almost as if there’s a “good” and “bad” version.  For that reason, the can itself will also change and be almost identical to the original red Coke can.  Do I feel that this new can and name will make a difference?  No.  In fact, I fear that Coke might lose sales because of it.  Even though the flavor hasn’t changed to my knowledge, there will be some who will swear it tastes different.  So in the end, is this a good move for Coke?  I don’t think so.

I also wrote about the soda tax that Philadelphia has implemented.  If you are interested in learning more about that, please click here to read the article.  Maybe this tax has something to do with the changes Coke is making?  Maybe they feel as if this tax might roll out nation wide and they want people to become more comfortable with the new sugar-free Coke?  Who knows?  All I know is that I don’t think making this change will necessarily help Coke, but time will tell.  As another article I wrote has shown, this new soda tax isn’t hurting the sales of soda products.