Bad Day at Work? Exercise Can Help You from Bringing It Home!

We’ve all had those days where our boss is on us about everything. You couldn’t do anything right in their eyes. You leave the office frustrated and angry that you got beat down and abused all day long and for what seemed like no reason. The entire drive home you can’t stop thinking about how terrible your day was. You walk in your house and all of those emotions follow you through the threshold. Now all of a sudden, your bad day is taken out on your spouse and kids—and they didn’t do anything to deserve it. Let’s just say this isn’t a regular occurrence and you generally don’t have bad days at work, your family might look past it as you just had a bad day. But when those days turn into weeks and months, you have a problem on your hands. Now your work is affecting your home life. That’s not a good situation to be in.

You can’t seem to find a happy medium between work and home life now. It seems like they are now both one in the same. There’s no separation. You need to figure out a way to close your office door and leave all of those emotions at the office or find a way to channel those emotions before you walk into your house to greet your family. Your kids don’t know what it’s like to have a job. They don’t understand the stress and responsibility that comes along with it. So, it isn’t fair to take things out on them. They are just there to give you a hug the second you walk in the door and greet you with a hello and smiling faces. You need to find a way to separate yourself from the frustrations of work—and exercise might just be the key according to some new research findings.

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