Airport Survival: Don’t Blow Your Diet When You’re in A Pinch

With warm weather right around the corner and the thought of summer vacations floating around in our heads, I figured it would be a good time to talk about how with a little planning and thought, you could get yourself out of a jam if your flight gets delayed this summer. Let’s lay out the scene for airport survival 101. You made it to the airport or you are getting ready to jump on your connection to that tropical oasis you have been waiting months to go visit when all of a sudden, the airline started pumping the brakes on you.

You look up at the screen and in big bold letters you see the word “DELAYED” next to your flight. Son of a b*tch! Now what are you going to do? You’re starving, your cranky, and you don’t want to sit down at some airport restaurant and pay a small fortune for airport food that quite frankly is fried, greasy, and unhealthy. So, what do you do? This article is going to lay out some of the ways you could prepare for such occasions as well as some ways that you can work around them with a little thought to take in some quality protein.

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