7 Ways A Beard Can Improve Your Health

While not exactly fitness or nutrition related, this topic I feel is relevant for many of the people who read my work as well as those in the industry. There are tons of guys in the fitness and supplement industry walking around with facial hair. Everything from a tightly trimmed beard to a big and bulky lumberjack look. For some a beard represents masculinity and power while others consider it a sign of being lazy and homeless looking. Either way you look at it, the benefits of a beard are the same. One thing people who don’t have a beard fail to realize, is that a considerable amount of time is spent taking care of the beard. This involves trimming, shaping, edging, applying products like beard oil to help treat the hair as well as the skin underneath it. There’s a misconception that people seem to have about beards and simply just waking up with it looking good and healthy. That’s really not accurate at all if you speak to someone with a beard. Just like with the hair on top of your head where you need to keep the hair and scalp healthy, you need to do the same with the beard hair and skin on your face.

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